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Web Development - ASP / PHP / Database

The development stage encompasses any server side scripting or databse development that may be required. This may follow the web design stage, or may be a separate project to enhance an existing website, or a collaboration with other industry professionals to complete a larger development project. C-Squared Design can expertly complete web development projects using ASP, PHP and XML; and database development projects using Oracle, SQL Server and Microsoft Access database technologies.

Server side scripting may be used to control advanced elements of the website, including the submission of form information via email to a given address, interaction with text files, and interaction with XML documents.

This stage may also incorporate Database Development to provide content for a website. The advantage of this technology is that the data in the database can be updated and the updates are reflected on the website immediately. Data driven technology is often used in this way to provide reporting systems.

Other uses of a 'database backend' may involve the production of an 'administration' section of the website, where registered users can log in to a page and make updates to the site without any knowledge of HTML or web development. This facility might range from a basic page content management capability, to a full content management system with multiple levels of user access, update approval stages and auditing capabilities.

We can also offer advise regarding the selection of a suitable database and web hosting company for your dynamic website requirements.

Key Services:

  • Consulting for larger projects using ASP, PHP and XML scripting; and Oracle, SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases

  • Enhancement of existing websites to add data driven capabilities

  • Design and development of database driven websites

  • Security management for sites that require user based login and access control

  • Enhancement of existing websites to add data driven capabilities

  • Design and development of a database for database driven websites or standalone system